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Best Child Specialist in Narela | Delhi | Mangalam Hospitals
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Best Child Specialist in Narela

Best Child Specialist in Narela

Best Child Specialist in Delhi’s Rohini Senior consultant in neonatology and paediatrics with more than ten years of expertise at Mangalam Hospitals in Narela, Delhi. treating newborns as well as other frequent paediatric conditions include vaccination, obesity, and growth and development problems in kids.

At the hospital, there is a full complement of the most modern support tools, including ventilators, HHF oxygen, C-PAP, sophisticated radiant warmers, incubators, cardiac monitors, a separate room for nebulization services, NIBP, pulse oxymeters, infusion pumps, electronic weighing machines, and double surface phototherapy units. There is also a backup laboratory that is fully stocked.

By Providing the best child care possible in every situation with the best child specialist in town. By emulating the finest general paediatrics practices and supporting the role of the general paediatrician as a provider of primary healthcare for children, we are dedicated to enhancing the health of children in our society. “Care, devotion, and compassion” is our slogan. The desire to treat children as swiftly and joyfully as possible drives our skilled team.


At Mangalam Hospitals, our skilled team of paediatricians, neonatologists, and paediatric critical care experts consistently aims to deliver the finest outcomes. Each team member has extensive knowledge in their specialized specialties.

Our doctor and nurses are committed to improving, maintaining, and reestablishing the health and development of children. They can assist you in anticipating your child’s needs and can answer any concerns you may have regarding your child’s health. This supports your decision-making around preventative health and safety.

Every single individual working in a Mangalam Hospital – from doctors to nurses and the management- is united in the endeavor to achieve the above vision and to deliver top quality healthcare to all.


1. “Well Baby Clinic” to track the newborns’ normal development and growth.

2. To meet the fundamental medical requirements of children 

3. Immunization services that include, under under medical supervision, immunisation for all avoidable illnesses.

4. The National Accreditation Board for Laboratories has granted us accreditation for our labs (NABL)

5. In terms of paediatric faculty in private healthcare, our Pediatric Center is ranked first in the nation.

6. All paediatric medical specialisations are provided under one roof.

7. Paediatric ICU with the necessary equipment to provide newborn infants and newborns with life-saving medical treatment.

8. A dedicated division for the detection and treatment of paediatric malignancies.

Mangalam Hospitals – Best Hospital for Childrens

The idea behind Mangalam Medical & Surgical Center’s establishment was “human welfare.” An Institute of Compassion and Caring for Those in Mangalam Medical and Surgical Centre offers Health Care Facilities, Treatment and a Diagnostic both sorts, along with Personalized Medical Attention in an Honest & Friendly Environment, at Cost Affordable to All. The most skilled physicians and specialists are on call around-the-clock.

Mangalam & Surgical Centre (Multispecialty Hospital ) is a NABH Accredited registrered with Delhi goverment,(Director of Health Services). Mangalam Medical & Surgical Centre ( Multispecialty Hospital).